Kitchen Survival

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And they lived happily ever after...

The End.
Angelo was here at 7:55 AM to install the last piece of bullnose tile. By 8:05 AM, he was gone. Matt came over about noon and we looked at the entire project. He showed me how the windows work. I did not know that the little clip on the window was a safety catch. He showed me how to adjust the cabinet doors if they shrink or swell. There's a small screw that moves the cabinet door a little. I paid the final bill and he told me that Maggie in Fitch's office would send me a complete statement and warrenties for the windows and other stuff.
So I leave you with a picture of the light over the sink. That came from Maynard's. It was a sale item and we took it from a floor display. I don't know if I'd do that again. They put a box together for it and we had to go back for the ring which holds the shade to the fixture pole. There was no paperwork, no warranty, no instructions.
Thank-you for listening, everyone. I'm not planning to make any more entries. If you want to see what color we choose to paint the living room, you are invited to call or email me and you can come over.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lights at last

Yesterday a new electrician came and looked at the undercabinet situtation and even in the attic. Turned out that wires were run from where the undercabinet lights are; but those wire were never fed to the circuit breaker box to get electricity. The problem in the attic? The breaker that controls some of the outlets in Ruth's room was broken. Sometimes it functioned, sometimes it didn't. I guess that explains the miraculous "return" of Ruth's power the first time. Lon the electrician's moral: invite an electrician over ASAP to find (and solve) the real problem. Don't waste time guessing what it is.
Those undercabinet lights are great work lights. I was all over the kitchen last evening before the Liturgy Committee came over for the potluck. Which area is best to work in? Answer: all of them. I also took a shot of the glass door cabinet. It's light now works. And the Tiffany pendent over the sink works. That add just the splash of color and fun I had envisioned.
Now we're waiting for half a piece of bullnose tile to go between the cupboard and the window over the sink and it's window.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Dining Room and spices

Sorry this has taken so long. Blogger wasn't behaving on Friday. I couldn't post.
Here are pictures of the dining room as requested. I found a wine "tower" rack at Stacks and I also found drawer dividers there. The dining room feels very different. I really like having all the walls. Sometimes I felt like the dining room was a stage or a display area. Now it's a room to sit with people, talk and eat. We kept the window on the east wall. I plan to put a valence or something on it to make it pretty. The doors to the porch are still there, too. Now they open on to the porch instead of into the dining room. That actually makes the dining room seem larger.
The debate about rugs goes on. Earl doesn't really want either rug back. I think I'd like to see a rug in the dining room because it's kind of echoey. But it's so much easier to just dry mop the wood floor. The red rug is the one we had in the dining room, but I don't think it will look nice. The green rug was the one in the living room, but I think it would look nice in the dining room.
Marcy Westerlund showed me her pull out spice rack when we visited in June. She keeps about 4 jars of spices in hers. You can see that mine is almost full. I sealed most of my spices in tupperware boxes to store through the summer. I could only throw away the one I didn't recognize.
I made hummus today! It's cool and rainy here. A great day to cook. It was so nice to have space to chop onions, beat on garlic and saute things nearby without feeling crowded. I'm going to have to figure out a way to arrange (for lack of a better word) the spices. I did spend a few minutes trying to find things. My first thought was most used on top to least used on bottom. Maybe label the sides to see where spices are. I do have a Ptouch labeler.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

fridge and backsplash

Here's the backsplash. 4 inch biscuit colored tiles set on the diagonal. Views (at least to me) are left of the stove, pantry cabinet (south) wall and directly behind the stove. (Boy, it looks sharp there.) We chose this tile for the rainforest green granite. The granite was so busy that I wanted something very simple behind it. I really like the diagonal look. It's not often seen. It looks nice against the HanStone, but after living with it a couple of days, I think I would have added colored tile as an accent. Either in the splash or a rectangle running along the bottom. Note that the tile on the pantry cabinet wall starts at the bottom edge of the cabinet, not at the edge of the wall. Those two switches (still) do not work. No electrician today either. Matt had lined up Steve from Heritage (Paul's boss) to come out. Matt and I waited from 4:00 to 4:30 PM. When Matt called him, Steve didn't answer his phone. So Matt called the office. Turned out Steve had a heart attack and was in the hospital! (If it had been Strong, I could have visited him.)
The fridge is the same one we had. It's almond colored and still in good shape. It's a fridge on top, freezer on the bottom. Along with the fridge we kept our dishwasher and microwave. The pantry cabinet view has four of the five bullnose tiles in it and stops just before the KitchenAid mixer (also white).
So the short story is that Matt has made arrangements with another electrician to come "first thing" on Monday. That's okay with me. Maplewood Y starts it's annual shutdown. After tomorrow (Friday) I don't work again until September 6. I feel a lot better. As long as that was happening, Matt said he would call Angelo and have him put the last bullnose in on Monday.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is it done yet?

It's funny. It was much easier waiting for the countertop to be done than to wait for a blinking electrician to show up. Yesterday Paul came and hooked up the outlets. However, the undercabinet lights and the over sink light, still do not work. I'm going to be bald from pulling out my hair. Paul took my name and number and promised that someone would be here this morning. I called the construction company and the electricity contractor. That was at 8:00 AM. As of now, still no contractor.
On the other hand, isn't it beautiful? I made dinner last night using the covection oven. I have to read more about that. The kitchen feels much easier to use than the old one. I still don't know where things are, but that will come. The beauty of the dining room exceeded my dreams. Work started on June 21. All in all, it hasn't been that bad. It's frustrating now because it's at once so close and yet, just out of reach. Maybe one more post will do it and I'll wind up this blog.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Wall

Here is a picture of the living room wall taken from the front door area. This wall is directly opposite the bay window. Basically, the primed (white) part of the wall is a little larger than the old opening used to be. At the left of the photo, you can just see the edge of the new opening.
Yesterday, I went to work and came home to a message from Matt the project supervisor and the electrician that electricity was to be done that morning. Sigh. Too bad I didn't know ahead of time. I really needed to go to work yesterday. So the electrician is supposed to be here at 8:00 AM. That will wrap it up! Do you believe it? The last check gets written on Friday and the kitchen is ours! Any requests for something you didn't see and would like to?

Friday, August 18, 2006

the range

Here is a picture of the Jenn Air Dual Fuel range that has been in the garage since June. It was the first thing that I ordered for the kitchen. Yes, you see 5 gas burners of varying sizes. Yes, you see two oven. The top is a regular electric oven that the instruction book claims I can bake anything in. (Good, I have to start making birthday cakes soon.) The lower oven is the convection oven. That's a new toy I will have to get to know. The broiler is in the top oven.

the new sink

Today the transfer of pictures worked. So here are pictures of the new sink. It's in the same position as the old sink. It's much bigger than the old sink and it's small bowl is on the opposite side. For such a massive faucet, the handle seems quite delicate. The handle in the center under the sink is not a fake. That panel is louvered and you can tilt-out the panel to show a storage bin for a sponge and a plastic scrubbie.
Angelo has been here since about 8:45 AM. He's tiling the backsplash.