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Monday, August 14, 2006

back door hall

Here are after and before shots of the back hall. I painted the wall Jonquil Yellow and the broom closet door is Pastel Sage. The inside of the cupboard is leftover whites from other projects. The trim is Antique White. Right now, stuff is just stuck in there. I want to get some hangers for the broom and mop. I'd also like a set of narrow shelves to keep the some stuff on. Stuff like drain cleaner and cutting board oil.
I called Empire Fabricators and was told that my counters are tentatively scheduled for Wednesday. Someone will let me know for sure. They think it will take about half a day. (Actually, I deduced that when Doug said that they didn't know if it would be a morning or afternoon job.) I'm hoping that the "tentative" part. After that comes backsplash and electricity.


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